The Beeryani Festival

When Beer meets Biryani

The Case:
Every seafood restaurant in town has one common festival that is celebrated across the globe, which is “THE CRAB FESTIVAL”. It was time , the management “Tunga International” and our Team, gathered for a meet where in they come up with a solution to add a unique festival for their ecstatic seafood restaurant “Something’s Fishy” in order to create a brand differentiation, to release another content of marketing.
The Work:
Time for a new festival, Beeryani Festival was here, wherein the team of Antagon Media, helped the client to not only to create an attractive image for the festival but every collateral & marketing techniques relating to it. As a result of which every creative & it’s digital needs were kept it a unique theme adapted for the perfect requirement of the festival. 
The Experience:
As a result of our themed promotion, our client successfully gained a restaurant walk-in of new footfalls, ranging between 150-200, and Something’s Fishy created their own property i.e. the festival, which will be help every year, for 2 weeks in a month where the restaurant expects minimum footfalls. Beer-yani has been of our most esteemed festival in this year. Appreciation from the client was all that was required for us to feel the heat of future endeavours!