Reach Out

The Organic Way

The Case:
KILLER JEANS, the very famous denim brand, when we approached had a unique belief that was rare to find in today’s digital scenario. GOING ORGANIC. Well that means they wanted real people, followers & likes, and the process to gain them? Had to be organic. Selling is something they’ve never preferred as the brand identity leaves a mark itself on the minds of customer about the quality of manufacturing done by them. In simple words, what they wanted was, everything organic.
The Work:
After a lot of brainstorming, our team came up with campaigns that would increase the organic traffic on the social media pages of Killer Jeans. Campaigns that bring up brand hashtags and trend them across is our major objective. While marketing for the brand our focus was on two of the brand hashtags i.e. #ThisIsUs & #ChangeTheNormal. 
The Experience:
As a result when we started out with 2,491 followers on Instagram, approximate 74,619 engagements on facebook and 5,200 followers on twitter, each being currently marketed and higher than, 10K followers on Instagram, average 1,403,270 engagements & more than 6,500 followers on twitter. We believe marketing is not subjected to only pushing your budget forward but also managing the content one puts up to audience may it be, post design, it’s photography, or even a plain simple text.