Offer Buffet

Discounts & More

The Case:
Restaurants these days come with offer concepts to keep the interaction between the customer and them , which keeps their interest build and helps their brand to stand out in public’s mind. Coming up with exciting offers and campaigns to help build a brand image is the agenda.
The Work:
Offers i.e MTT (Monday Tuesday Thursday) and WTT ( Wednesday Thursday Friday ) to our special sunday brunches and happy drinking hours helped people get the best deal and both the parties were satisfied by our team’s idea’s and the way antagon media executed it.
The Experience:
The exciting offer creatives helped in engaging many new customers and around 200 new walk ins took place , which even gave birth to new offer loyal customers , who eagerly waited for only offer days so that they take full benefit of it and enjoy their hold. The Manager’s and staff member’s appreciated us for the proper marketing which helped targeting specific audience.