Introducing Beverages

Sweet sound of Shutter

The Case:
Vihara, known for its vegetarian delicacies, a vegetarian kitchen & the purity of food it delivers on the basis of your choice, wanted to promote 2 of its new beverages the hot cappuccino & Sugarcane juice, very famous ones existing already but with a unique touch of Vihara. Marketing had various options but photography had limited ones. Antagon was approached in order to get a perfect shutter shot to make the beverage look out with it’s real essence.
The Work:
The team, had visited Vihara, by Tunga for a recce, where the location option was limited, a concept popped up where we show the real elements used in the making of the beverages in order to market it & come out in it’s real essence. 
The Experience:
The result is right in front of you, where Antagon made sure the pure touch of Vihara stays in place when the pictures are being marketed in different forms of marketing collaterals. Who says limited location access can reduce the conceptualization technique?