Body, Mass, Index

Inside your body

The Case:
Our client INBODY asked for a simple video that is self explanatory to any viewer as to what their machine does. The video must contain all the key aspects of the machine itself and also show an example of the report generated by their machine so that the viewer can see for themselves an example of how detailed their report is.
The Work:
The work that went into this video was nothing short of fascinating. The level of specific detail offered by this simple looking machine is an eye opening experience in itself and we had a lot of fun studying and glorifying the workings of this machine to display specific body information like the Segmental Lean Analysis that captures information separately from both the right and left hands and legs!
The Experience:
The experience was great to say the very least. The video we had so much fun creating turned out to be so nice that INBODY has used it across their website to be viewed by their clients worldwide! The video in itself is so easy to understand that people across different cultures and countries will have no issues understand how much of a detailed report this machine can give! Seeing our work being used to the fullest by our client is extremely satisfying to us.