Hoot Hoarding

Lonavala, Rains & Us

The Case:
With monsoon coming on top in ‘19, it was time for the management of Fariyas to come up with offers to further enhance the monson excitement, and offline hoarding on the express highway and Bombay times article, was the best way to let people know about it.
The Work:
Having to create a theme design that would go across all the platforms to reach out to potential walk-ins, can be sometimes a task making you wonder whether to push for offers or the creative to be attractive, it often does not go hand in hand, does it? Well it was time for a brainstormed move
The Experience:
As a result we came with an Idea to make the design more attractive to the speed vehicles on expressway and advertisement friendly Bombay times that would help us in getting maximum impressions of the expense we make. The result? Maximum impressions.