Hey There Collaterals!

What’s up Branding?

The Case:
Mezclaa, a brand that hosts cooking classes, events where chefs from all around the world are invited as guests and participants not limited by any age group, Mezclaa wanted us to design logo based collaterals which could possibly specify the brand name which says “Assorted in the perfect manner’.
The Work:
The team, after meeting Mezclaa’s management decided to signify the meaning of the brand in every logo collaterals we create, which will help the brand for further marketing its purpose. We created a bundle of creative options, as seen above. And trust us, every sketch, every space matters when it came to deciding a brand outlook. We created brand merchandises & website outlook for it to get ready to compete in the digital segment.
The Experience:
The result of hardwork paying off, as the branding and collaterals turned out to be satisfying on being brought to life.