Angels & Demons

New Years Eve’2019

The Case:
New years eve’ 19 for The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai, was all about hosting a grand celebration and making sure they reach their audience. Well, for a brand like The Orchid Hotel, marketing was never impossible but the time is one factor which could affect all the conceptualization. It was when both the agency & the management came into a discussion to make this possible.
The Work:
Post discussion, the major achievement we’ve had on this project was the number of creatives performed in the dedicated deadline. Well only few can imagine close to , 32 creatives in a span of one week which would include every minor creatives for their themed new year party, from hoardings, social media posts to  to even the tickets designed for entering the party all performed by us. 
The Experience:
In return, the property faced a successful walk-in of more than 300 guests, while the marketing had actually started 2 week before new years evening. Marketing this event for a profiled brand like The Orchid, Mumbai made us believe that we were definitely a Demon to the time & an Angel for creative needs.  As an experience this turned out to be amongst the best ROI projects that we have performed for our clients, not purely based on walk-ins but comparing walk-ins