199/-, Just About It

Morning Hunger @Vihara

The Case:
With the launch of our new outlet Vihara, @Tunga International, we wanted to make sure the restaurant was at a full swing during all the stages of the day, oh what’s the most difficult phase of day? Early morning where one sets out for his/her day to work. Management had just in time decided that to come with an offer to raise around the morning walk-ins of Vihara, which is unlimited breakfast in just 199 at Vihara
The Work:
Marketing and deciding collateral designs, for this fantabulous offer was one of our best achievement, as it comes out to be our personal favourite advertisement designs, from tabletop tent card, special menu to even their facade hoarding all happened to be our conceptualized designs.
The Experience:
With social media Marketing, branding of the festival to even delivery of every collateral in time was indeed a task we love to perform, but this project being our personal favourite? Has its own class for its own marketing.