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What’s on our mind? 

People are often misled to think that all an advertising agency can do is think creatively. Hell, no! Too much creativity can lead to non-creativity. As an Advertising agency, there’s a train of thought to every element/section of the organisation we work for – or plan to work for. 

Bringing about ideas can be easy, finding the rationale for those ideas can be difficult. Understanding the business of our partners is critical. There is no stopping us when we intend to learn about our clients. As an advertising agency, we pick different aspects of our clients and keep learning as to how these aspects can be used to benefit the organisation to extend their reach with their target audience. To further simplify, if we are asked to prepare the washroom door sign of a restaurant, understanding the type of audience that comes in will be an essential factor for us, if it’s a family dine out place you would simply want “FOR HER” or “FOR HIM” , but if it’s a restaurant catering to youngsters, having a “Banana or “Cauliflower” on the door signs would really turn your social media light on, wouldn’t it? 

As an advertising agency we believe in learning through experience, as a matter of fact one can get great ideas to promote a particular product/service if she/he gets to experience it themselves. We believe in trying and experiencing what clients have to offer for their customer base & how it will affect them. Again as a matter of fact, creativity follows the research. Promoting ads can have several effects on the minds who are watching it. Few target B2B, while few target B2C, however the effective ones plan to target both on a amiable ratio. 

After all, it’s the research that begins an Idea, you see?

Thanks a lot. Appreciate your time.

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